Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Distractions

I'm going through some real personal things right now and am trying to find every distraction I can to avoid thinking of it.

I apologize in advance if I'm cold, distant, or just not myself.  I'm trying to regain myself.  Please know I'm not ready to talk about this... Not yet.  I typed my little fingers off yesterday so this secret will be something I will share... Just not right now.

I wore this outfit just last week and it made me so happy.  I'm craving to be back to that part of me soon.


{Outfit Details}
Peach Dress: George (Wal-Mart)//Aqua Blazer: Candie's (Kohls)//Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad (Kohls)//
Boots: Madden Girl//Necklace:  Brand unknown

I'm still trying to figure out how to hide my remote that Matthew got me when taking photos... I'm such an amateur...Teehee.

Well, this lovely peach dress was a trade from Instagram.  And, Ladies, the brand is George.  That's Wal-Mart!  I was shocked!  Wal-Mart is stepping up their game!

The black necklace was also a part of a trade on Instagram.  I love it so much!  Figured it broke up the bright spring colors perfectly with my black leggings.  (You do not want to see whats hiding underneath those leggings... Not yet! :P)

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