Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two Scarves are Better than One

Last night I started playing with my sewing machine a little more and after picking up two remnants for 70% off the  already reduced  price (SCORE!) I decided to quickly make two infinity scarves. 

After making the first one, I eagerly wrapped it around my neck and was a little giddy, I must say!  After making the second one, I wasn't quite ready to take the first one off, so, then the light bulb lit and  (ding, ding, ding)  I intermingled them!  WOW.. What a nice, cozy way to make a big statement!  (Ok... I'm sure someone else has thought of this forever ago, but I missed the memo!  And, so.. Maybe you have too? :)  Well, here's yours!  Don't say I didn't try to help :D)

TRY IT OUT!  Any scarf would work; it doesn't have to be an infinity.  I just like the "chunkiness" of the infinities more :)


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