Thursday, July 12, 2012

Navy and Lace

If you've been a bride, maybe you can relate to this post...  I know my Project Wedding Brides would get it :)

When you are planning your wedding, you tend to "overbuy" items for it.  Items that you just HAVE TO HAVE (and persuade your soon to be husband that it's much needed just to let him have you get yet another item) and then they end up stored in a box or stuffed back into your closest totally forgotten about and the wedding came and passed without "such items".

Low and behold, my original  rehearsal dress.  I bought it shortly after I became engaged at the BCBG Outlet.  My first (and only) BCBG item.  My sister in law actually found it and I just fell in love.  And it was only about $20!  So I tried it on and loved it and bought it.

Although throughout the time of planning, I did pull it out to try it on I ended up wearing a totally different dress. :) 

Well, I've worn it a few times SINCE the wedding but not as often as I would like to.  As I've been clearing out my closet for my new clearanced sweaters I've been snatching, I saw it and pulled it out so I would be reminded to wear it. 

So, here I am!  I remember why I haven't worn it a ton.. It needs a little altering.  But nothing a sweater (or any cover up) can't do!

And I'm wearing one of my new sweaters with this!  In fact, it still has the tags on it. :) HA HA!  I put it on wondering if it would work, and was satisfied with it and frankly, I was just too lazy to take the belt back off to get the tags off. :)

(I apologize in advance for these photos.. I'm no photographer :)  It was hard to get the lace to show up.)

Dress:  BCBG Outlet, clearanced
Belt:  Kohls, Apt. 9, clearanced (recently bought)
Sweater:  Kohls, Apt. 9, clearanced (recently bought)
Shoes:  Kohls, Aerosole
Necklace:  Etsy

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  1. LOVE this outfit =) You always look so so cute!!