Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Holy moly...  It's been almost a whole month since I've posted!  Yeesh..  I can't promise that I'm done hibernating, but I'm sure going to try to stop. :)  I don't even have a legit excuse for my neglect.  But I hope to make it up to you! :) 


Over the weekend I was told I had "funky" style.  It definitely perked me up because it was meant as a compliment and I accepted it as such.  But, then I started over analyzing what I was wearing to figure out what piece (or pieces) made it full of funk..  Was it the pigtail braids??  The hair flower... Jamaica tee, shorts, TOMS??  I thought it was a "casual" outfit, but I like that word: funk.  Funk is fun! :)  Heck, it has FUN spelled in it! 

Well, today's post wouldn't be classified as "funk", I don't think. It's all about ruffles:

(I'm super bummed that this skirt might be turned into something else... Since March, I've been loosing weight and this skirt is getting bigger and bigger on me.  Good thing but also sad :( HE HE!)

Outfit Details:
Cardigan - NY&Co.
Blue Tank - Hand me down
Skirt - NY&Co.
Shoes - Aerosoles

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