Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 3: Things that make you uncomfortable

Some of the blogs that I follow are doing Story of My Life's blog challenge
The object to this is to blog  in May.
And the topics are already supplied, which makes it somewhat easier.
So here goes nothing!
 I'm already two behind, so we're going to ignore those and jump right to:
 Day 3: Things That Make You Uncomfortable
A lot of things make me uneasy but I'll try to keep this down to a minimum. :)
Don't get me wrong... I love a good surprise just as much as the next person but
 for one, I'm such a planner at times...
and two, I just get so awkward
Whenever I look back on getting surprised with something I feel like I didn't live up to the expectations that should have been at the time it was presented.
(Did you follow all that?)
Let's talk about the most recent one, shall we?
My wonderful husband, whom works midnights, might I add,
"stole" my vehicle Wednesday morning while I was sitting at my desk, working.
He walks in, and has bags under his eyes and the exhaustion is just radiating off of him.
(It's now about 10:30 - 11 am.. way past his bedtime!)
He asked if he could borrow me and took me to my car and presented this:
(He even set the display color to PURPLE and loaded my iPod with new songs)
 He snuck to my work, grabbed my vehicle and ran down the street to get this radio installed.
I didn't even NOTICE it until he clicked the big round knob.
Then I was just kind of dumbfounded and speechless.
...when I wish I was screaming and jumping up for joy...
I was just confused...
I absolutely LOVE my new toy and am trying to make up for my extreme awkwardness.
In all reality, I think he was getting sick of seeing all these CD cases lying all over my car...
Now I can play my iPod in my car (notice Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines"?) 
Annnddd I can talk to people THROUGH my radio on my phone! 
I feel like this just doesn't belong in an '05 Escape... HA HA!
Eye Contact
Ok, let me explain a little...
 I will look at you while you are speaking and hold a conversation with you but I will  dart my eyes away at times to avoid full on eye contact for long periods of time.  Why?  I figure it has something to do with my lazy eye.  Didn't know I had one?  I do.  I had surgery done to it when I was a child to get it positioned  correctly.  But there are times it still drifts....  
I'm quite self conscious on it, as many other things that I won't bore you with.
Going for Walks by Myself
Pretty much ANYTHING I do by myself in public, minus shopping, I get uncomfortable with.
I think this is caused by my shyness and my police officer husband.
The situations he fills in my head doesn't  help... nor do the shows I watch on TV ;)
I feel when we finally get a third member in our family
 {ahem,  a furry member!  Get your mind back on track!}
 that it would be easier... But I still think I'll be uncomfortable without
 Matt by my side or a friend to stroll with.
I need someone to hold my hand! ;) 
{Outfit Details}
Top:  Lauren Conrad, Kohls - Dress:  Liz Clairborne, Thrifted - Flats:  Naturalizers - Earrings: J.Lo, Kohls
Being in Traffic or at a Red Light and having a Car directly  next to ME
I feel like they're just sitting there watching me, like I'm something to LOOK at!
I always try to inch up so I'm next to their hood opposed to their front door.
I hate it...
And when I can't scoot up, I'm sitting there, staring at the light, repeating over and over "GO GREEN, GO GREEN!"  I just become a statue.
All wiggling stops, all singing stops, everything.
I just sit.
And wait.
 What are some things that make you uncomfortable?


  1. Are you my long lost twin!? I sat here nodding my head the entire time I read this--I have the same issues. Eye contact is a big thing for me, I feel creepy. I either lock in and never blink and then realize this must look odd, or I look away so much I probably look suspicious.

    I also will not walk alone--less because I am scared, more because I am worried about looking awkward.

    LOVING that outfit!

  2. I can totally relate on surprises! It's like you don't know how to react b/c you're partially in shock AND you're confused. lol
    I think I'm most uncomfortable when I'm driving in an unfamiliar area - I like to route out my trips, so relying on someone else's instructions makes me really anxious and uncomfortable. I also feel uncomfortable in social gatherings where I don't know anyone - it's easy to make small talk, but it's still totally uncomfortable!

  3. What an awesome surprise! My fear with surprises is that my reaction won'e come across as sincere. I feel like I have to exaggerate my response!

  4. Oh and I HATE waiting on line at public bathrooms. Especially small ones where you wind up right in front of the stall door. I start looking anywhere but at the door because if the spaces between the doors are large enough, I don't want to accidently see anyone doing their business! Awkward!!!

  5. Okay - I do the EXACT same thing with cars at the stoplight! I stare straight ahead hoping they aren't looking at me. It's so weird!

    Also, your outfit is SUPER cute - the dots on dots are perfect!!

  6. man i love surprises but i feel ya, but man what a great hubs!!
    brooke @ what2wear