Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Scardey Cat

Well... I skipped to day 7 of the blog challenge...  I have been a wee bit busy to get on here every day... I'm trying though! ;)
Today you'll learn what I'm most afraid of.
And you'll come to realize I am one of the biggest scardey cats you'll ever encounter.
I can take gore, blood, flesh eating zombies, vamps, werewolves any day...
(Thank you Walking Dead, True Blood, Vampire Diaries)
But maybe because I know they are all "make believe"?
Roller Coasters/Thrill Rides reaches the top of my list.  This doesn't make me a great partner for amusement parks but I still love going.... and eating the cotton candy, funnel cakes and cheese fries. 
I love the construction of roller coasters and the way they are designed but do not get me in line to go on one.  I'll stand in line with you to keep you company, only if I know for sure they'll let me just cross on by.  I sweat and freeze at the thought of ever riding one...
My very first roller coaster was the Junior Gemini at Cedar Point.  I was so stoked!  I couldn't wait to be cool like my older sisters and join them on the bigger rides when I got older.
But then... as I was on it, I cried and cried and cried.  I swore I would never ride another one since.  Fast forward to age 12.  I was persuaded to go on The Viper at Six Flags.  I think I might have broke my sister's hand and drenched the people behind me with my tears.  I was sooo frightened and couldn't wait for the ride to be over.  It seriously felt like an eternity.  I laugh because as I walked to my mom she was like "Oh you're smiling!"  And I'm like "I'm smiling because it's over!" 
Never again. 
And I haven't stepped on one since. 

 So I lied... I HAVE been on a few rollercoasters since then... I
f you call children's coasters found at carnivals a roller coaster :)

Never thought I'd find someone who disliked them as much as me, but I did. :)  Although he's not scared of them... He just doesn't like that he doesn't have control over his surroundings...  Whatever.  I admit I'm a baby ;)
I'm deathly afraid of ghosts... yet, intrigued as well.  These are one of those things where I like to get scared...  I watch Ghost Adventures & Ghost Hunters.  I love listening to ghost stories. 
My husband has a few that gets me every time...
So every creak, noise, shadow in my house at night makes me squirm...
Especially if I'm home alone...
I always feel like there's eyes on me and I'll go running to my bed and turn on Big Bang, Archer or Phineas and Ferb to make me take my mind off of it.
I'm very paranoid...
And my mind likes to make up all kinds of stories where I am the victim.
My mind is a big bully!!! :)
This is pretty common, I know.  I am ok with flying in a plane and looking out the window.  But being in constricted areas high off the ground... No thank you.  Makes some of my bucket list items more of a daydream than a reality.
I'm also afraid of little house critters... spiders, mice, etc.  In fact, we have a mouse now and I named him Remy to make me not so afraid.  HA HA!  I just keep thinking of Ratatouille.  But, I'm still terrified to ever see him face to face. ;)
So now you can wonder why I put an actual photo of Remy up instead of a real mouse or spider or other critter... ick...
This is just a glimpse  of what makes me crawl under my sheets...
I'm not lying when I tell you I'm a big scardey cat...
What are you afraid of?


  1. oooohhh I agree with a lot of your scary things! I can tolerate roller coasters more than I used to be able to.

    My completely ridiculous fear is oversized statues of people. They freak me out, big time!

  2. I agree w/you on ghosts - I hate hate HATE being home alone just for that reason (b/c my imagination always gets the best of me). Otherwise I'm scared of creepy crawlies, snakes and that's pretty much all I can think of right now. lol

  3. Are we the same freaking person?! I'm scared of EVERYTHING you mentioned too! Omg! So strange!