Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nursery Ideas

A couple of days ago we heard our sweet baby's heartbeat {again}.

The second time around was much better than the first.

Matthew recorded it off his phone and I cannot tell you how many times I've listened to it!  
The sound just melts my heart!

And, if your friends with me on Facebook, you'll know Matt compared the heartbeat to Knight Rider.
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!  
As silly as it was, it just made me fall in love with him all over again.

And, in just a couple of more weeks, we'll find out if it's a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl!

Once we find out, we can really start tackling the nursery!

I've had my girl nursery planned out for over a year now, thanks to Pottery Barn Teen.  I swooned over Emily & Merrit's design pieces and I was sold!  I know some of the pieces may seem "grown up", but I love the vintage feel to it..
And, we'll brighten it up with mints and peaches to break up the space.

{Image Source: PB Teen, PB Kids, and Google Images}

We'll use teapots, bunnies, dear, unicorns, pumpkins, apples, anything you can think of to pull from all our favorite fairy tales!

I actually love the idea of using teapots as a piggy bank. 
I stole this idea from IG User: inlovewithvintageshop and already scored some from thrifting.

{Don't worry, I'll be using them in my own bedroom, if it's not a girl.}

However, the boy... The boy has been a bit tough.  We settled on Disney's Monster's Inc., but after swooning over my girl's inspiration, I just couldn't do it...  I wanted to keep the vintage feel going... 

Last week, I brought up the idea of doing Disney's Up! and fell in love! I have always pictured an Up! nursery theme for a girl, but after pulling some symbolism, I'm squealing over here!  I don't know which one I love more!

{Image Source: Google Images}

We'll definitely play up Carl a bit more here.

Of course, we'll need a printout that screams, "Squirrel!", too.
{It's one of my favorite parts!}

I only hope my ideas play out well when we actually start putting the room together.

Tick tock, February!!

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