Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why Maternity Clothes Rock

A few years ago when my friends were starting their little families, I was included in many shopping events involving maternity wear.

After seeing how expensive the clothes were, I made a vow to myself that I would not buy any maternity clothes except for my shower and/or photoshoot.  I told myself I would wear a belly band my whole pregnancy and simply wear my regular clothes.  

Well, I'm a hypocrite...

I haven't spent a lot of maternity clothes, don't worry...
And, I've been scoring them on clearance, too!

In addition, luckily I am blessed with some amazing moms, who I consider some of my closest friends!  They have lent me or gave their maternity clothes.  

After trying on a few, I've quickly became a fan.  They are oh so flattering!

Before we were expecting, I was considered a little overweight for my height/weight ratio.
I knew this...  I went through a lot last year and having my desk job definitely doesn't help...

I was (am) nowhere near where I wanted to be when I will only expand in the next nine months...

As I started showing, I tried getting away with wearing my regular clothes...
But, they just looked frumpy and as if they shrunk into itty bitty pieces...

When I slipped into a maternity top, I was instantly astonished by
the length and the way it slimmed me.
This made me a happy girl.

In fact, the dress I'm wearing today I snatched at Old Navy this past weekend for half off (woot!)
 I grabbed the smaller size, knowing this would fit me now,
but I wanted to find a larger size so I can wear it more frequently.

Tip: Always try to buy a size up!

I found the size up and carried on to the fitting room.

I tried the smaller size on, felt good, a little tight in some areas, but definitely doable.  I decide to slip into the larger size to compare and found myself thinking, 'What the heck?'
It was huge in the chest and tight everywhere else...
I was so confused until I looked a little closer... The larger size was not maternity.
I giggled to myself and realized even more so how much maternity clothes
actually help my new size and shape.

Close up of the print:

I'm still mixing and matching my clothes with my (now) maternity clothes to keep the spending down and it's been working out okay.

To any mommy-to-be's out there, here's some classic maternity pieces that are staple when your carrying your bundle of joy:

Bootcut Jeans:  I wear these constantly and they are so comfortable!  I stuck with a dark wash and they are seriously my favorite pair of jeans!

The Classic Tank:  I have an H&M and Liz Lange for Target white tanks.  I wear them under just about everything!

Classic Long Sleeve Tees (if your pregnancy falls in the colder months) :  And I prefer the rouching on the sides - I have a solid pink one and a gray and black striped one as shown below.

Black Slacks:  I couldn't even zip up my old black pants... I knew I had to invest in something more fitting since I work in the office/business casual setting.

Accessories:  These you probably already have.  Best way to spruce up your bump is layers, layers, layers.  Maybe not so much on your belly though. :) 
I've been layering up with scarves, chunky jewelry, and skinny belts!    

There's no need to spend a fortune on maternity clothes, especially when you are only wearing them for a small amount of time...  Score the deals, find ways to mix up your old items (think open cardis and button downs), and stock up on the classics!

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