Thursday, May 10, 2012

Convertible Dress

Are you one of those people with overflowing drawers and stuffed closets in your home yet you stomp your foot in anger and shout, "I have nothing to wear!"  I know I'm not the only one. :)  I think my husband would classify me as a hoarder with clothes.  I have our main closest, plus a dresser and part of the guest room's closet...  Does that make me a hoarder??  I'm just a girl who loves clothes!  And the worst part is every few months I'll get rid of garbage bags full of items and yet everything is still sooo  stuffed.

Well, I gave myself a little challenge last week.  I decided I need to start wearing those dresses that I "had to have" that are currently being squished together in the guest room's closet.  I need to let them breathe a little! Problem is, I get so paranoid that my dresses are "too fancy for work".  However, they really aren't all that fancy!  Our office is just more on the "casual" business side.

So, I see my Victoria's Secret black convertible dress peeking out.  I bought this dress on sale (but not TOO on sale.. it was still pricey) because I figured you are getting about 10 dresses for the price of one!  I vowed to myself that I would wear this dress ALL.THE.TIME.  Sadly that vow only lasted a day..?  Ok.. A few days.  Still not long enough to justify. :)

I can count on one hand how many times I actually wore this.  Which is a bummer because it's super comfy and so fun.  

I pulled it out and searched youtube for a quick reminder of how to make this dress work, and wore it.  

I'm pleased with the results!  It was such a rainy day so I felt this was so low maintenance and I didn't need to worry so much if this dress got wet.  Being so black though, and so gloomy outside, I put one of my flowers and clipped them on to the sash for a dash of happiness.

I'm determined to wear this dress AT LEAST once a month from now on.  I truly love it and it's so fun to change up the look.  Black is so basic and can be switched up more than the styles of the dress! 

Dress:  Victoria's Secret
Flats:  Target, Clearanced $5
Flower:  Me, LittleLoveTales


  1. Love your dress! I wanted one and never got around to buying it! This makes me want one again.

  2. I need to buy one of these too! I think it will be the perfect dress for my new job!