Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mash Up!

Let's face it...  The spring weather we are having is summer... (Nothing gets past me! ;) )... And it's still technically winter!  Not until March 20th will it be officially spring.  So, eighty degree weather in WINTER?  Absolutely absurd.  But I'm not complaining... (Although I kind of miss spring and hope it comes back to say "hello")  So I've been taking advantage!  Walking outside, getting ice cream, going shopping... You know, all my excuses on why I've been neglectful and lazy. :)  What can I say?  I didn't want to be tied down to technology for too long :)  Sadly, this weather has made me realize that summer really is practically here and I need to get going on shedding some weight!  Mainly in the rear.. I love my curves but hey.. Let's face it, this body is so not ready for bikini weather...  You have seen this in my previous entries. :) :) :)  This Monday I'm going to start counting calories again and continue to work out little by little (even though these past three days I have been rather slacking...  Look up to find my lazy excuses and ::insert them here::)

I'm eager to try four new recipes this week.. All by Fit2Fat2Fit.  I'm fairly new to him and his adorable wife and blog, but I've heard of him for quite some time now.  I'm not necessarily following his plan, but I'm going to try my best to just eat healthier...  Even though I'm totally craving pinwheels and all sorts of sweets right now :) HA HA! 

Well here is my mash up... all outfits I wore throughout the week.  So funny to see the transformation to pants and sweaters to a dress and sweater to just a dress. :) Ahhh... Living in the four seasons...

Outfit Details:
LC Sweater: Kohls - $18
Jeans:  Gap, Curvy Girl - $25 (GAP OUTLET) 
Brown Lace Tank:  Discovery, $3.99
Locket:  Gift, Etsy
Necklace:  $25, Etsy
Hair Flower:  ME

Navy Cardi:  Charlotte Russe, $10
Olive Green Top:  Garage Sale, $3
Pants:  NY&Co., $10
Scarf:  ME

Dress:  Old Navy, $20
Sweater:  Old Navy, $8
Heels:  DSW, $7
Hair Flower:  Effie, made by ME
New Sunglasses:  H&M, $8  (My new favorite item!)

Dress:  Target, $6 (clearance)
Wedges:  DSW (clearance)
Hair Flower:  Effie made by ME

Dress:  Target, clearance
Heels:  Target, clearance
Earrings:  Kohls, Apt. 9, $2.80
Flats:  Rocket Dog
Necklace:  Etsy 

Look out for a new post in a few minutes!  That's right... 2 in 1!  Even though I'm kind of cheating...  You'll see ;)

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