Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Take a Risk, or Two

I love today's outfit... I broke through my shell a bit and just "went for it"!  I feel like "I love Lucy" meets animal print... Rawrrr...

Life is always about taking risks.  Just like purchasing this dress and those heels.  Something you should know about me... I'm obsessed with polka dots and rosettes.  Maybe you already knew that but in case you didn't, you are now filled in. :)

Let me tell you a little story about this dress.  It down right stalked me down!  I was at Macy's buying a few new dresses and ready to check out finding the shortest line. (It was busy that day!)  I'm standing there, zoning out, waiting for my turn, looking around and I see this bright pink and white polka dot peeking out, buried with other clothes on a rack right by the register.  I look away, trying to fight my urge to get out of line, because of course now the line is getting longer... (I guess others became smart to look around for shorter lines)  I'm teetering back and forth.. "Do I get out of line and risk my spot, or do I try it on?"  It was like I was on a time limit, when really, I wasn't.  Tried ignore it, but every time I glanced over, it was staring at me...  Finally, I caved in.  I ran to the rack just to see the price and size.. Oh man did I have a field day that it was indeed my size!!!  I mean, how could I not try it on just to see now??  I've already made it this far... So, I did and fell in love...  It was a pricey dress... Over $80 for a cotton dress.  BUT, it was marked down to $20, so I couldn't be happier!  Ran back in line and didn't even care the length of it anymore... I got my dress.

As for the shoes... Those were one of my wedding shoes.  I was on a hunt for blue shoes.. More so "aqua", since that was our main color.  But I kept returning to these... Thinking, "They have a small touch of aqua.. they will totally work!" Found them on Macy's site.  They were clearanced out, so even better, but by the time I decided I wanted those, they were sold out.  I hunted and hunted.  Finally found them on Zappos, but again, sold out.  I was only becoming more and more frustrated.  I finally clicked the "notify me if they come in this size" thinking I might as well kiss them farewell and continued my hunt.  A few weeks later I got an email from Zappos stating they were in!  I paid full price for them.. Splurged, which hurt a little, but aren't they a must?!  After that scandal, they needed to be mine.  And now they are <3

Outfit Details:
Dress:  Macy's, clearanced, $20
Cardigan:  NY&Co., clearanced, $9
Shoes:  Bandolino, Zappos
Clutch:  Gift

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