Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Steals

I must have an itch to shop!  I can't steer myself away from the stores.. Especially when my husband is off to work.. :)  More damage to be done when he's not around!  He should be happy to  know I saved over $100!!

Remember that blazer I bought last week?  I went to exchange it for a smaller size at a different Kohl's...  That was my first mistake.  New Kohl's, new inventory.  I was so determined to exchange and run!  But...  Colors and fur and silk and tweed... Everything started catching my eye!  So I decided I would play "dress up" to kill a few hours... Sadly, this game of "dress up" ended up in two new purchases.  And it was hard not to buy this faux fur bolero that gave me that "I feel richer" look... I loved it and it was only $18!  Originally $94!!  Online, there's one very similiar and it's on sale for $28.20, which is still a great price!  I know I will regret passing this up... But I've never been one for "fur"...  Even though I love it...  The whole "stepping outside my comfort zone" defeated me..

Here's the similar one online, but the one I found was without a collar:

(Find it here)

Oh well, next time!

What I did buy was a sweater and top from Lauren Conrad's line.  I'm so in love with her clothes but they are a little steep for me at full price... Maybe because I don't really need to add to my wardrobe?  My husband may agree with this statement, but I disagree... ;)

(New top with last week's steal!)

I also ran to Meijer before Kohl's opened and scored this black blazer for $6!

  Happy Shopping!

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